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lady-in-white-on-computer_thumb.jpgWelcome to Florida Child Support Calculator. If you found this site by typing in Florida child support calculator or another child support related term, then you have found the right place.

You are most likely interested in finding a quick way to calculate child support. The Florida Child Support Calculator on this site will make it easier for you to understand how child support is calculated in Florida.

It is important to note that substantial changes were made to child support laws in Florida that impacted the way child support is calculated in Florida. The Florida Child Support Calculator takes these changes into consideration.

Florida Child Support Calculator Demo

Here is a video showing how the Florida Child Support Calculator works. You may find it helpful to printout a Florida Child Support Guidelines Worksheet when watching the video. Please note that I had to make some slight modifications to the input sections of the Florida Child Support Calculator to obtain the automatic calculation feature so the printout will not be exactly identical to what you see in the Florida Child Support Calculator demo.

Florida Child Support Calculator and Guidelines

Everyone hears the term “child support guidelines“, but sometimes the Judge will order an amount less than or greater than the guideline amount.

It is also very important to understand that different time-sharing arrangements, Statutes and/or case law can influence the actual amount the Court will use in calculating child support. Child support is not always as cut and dry as simply inputting numbers into a calculator.

Florida Child Support Calculator – Be Aware!

Please be aware that not every Florida child support calculator you may find on other sites have been updated to take into account the changes in child support laws. The developer of this site cannot vouch for or comment as to any other Florida Child Support Calculator you may find on the internet, but just make sure you contact the owner to find out if their calculator is current for 2013.

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All that being said, it is hoped this site provides you with some helpful information. Good luck in resolving your case and in using the Florida Child Support Calculator